Bemerkungen zu zwei usurpierten Säulen aus der Zeit Merenptahs

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Two examples of reused granite columns are discussed, displaying a variety of techniques of reuse in the Ramessid Period. One column, found at Tell El Yahûdîyeh, has been misinterpreted since the end of the Nineteenth Century. The other shows a unique formulation of a monolithic column into a sculpture, in which the monolithic granite column was eventually turned upside down to produce a larger naophorus statue out of the 'entasis' of the six-stemmed papyrus shaft. The origin of both columns can be attributed to the royal buildings of the Fifth Dynasty, perhaps from Abusir.

寄稿の翻訳されたタイトルComments on two reused granite columns from the time of Merenptah
ジャーナルJournal of Egyptian Archaeology
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