Comparison of partial discharge resistance of several nanocomposites

Tomonori Iizuka*, Toshikatsu Tanaka


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Partial discharge (PD) resistance was evaluated for several kinds of nanocomposites. The following experimental results were obtained. Epoxy is stronger in PD resistance than is polypropylene. But the enhancement of PD resistance by nanofiller addition is higher for polypropylene than for epoxy. Silica and alumina nanofillers exhibit stronger PD resistance than does layered silicate when they are added to epoxy resins. Coupling agents or modifiers will help increase PD resistance. A similar level of this effect can be obtained for either epoxy with 5 wt% added nanofiller or epoxy loaded with 65 wt% microfiller. Nano-micro composites are the strongest of all tested specimens as regards PD resistance. Both of these experimental facts can be understood based on the concept that shortening of the interparticle distance is effective for reducing PD erosion.

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