Connecting smart objects in IoT architectures by screen remote monitoring and control

Zebo Yang*, Tatsuo Nakajima


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Electronic visual display enabled by touchscreen technologies evolves as one of the universal multimedia output methods and a popular input intermediate with touch–interaction. As a result, we can always gain access of an intelligent machine by obtaining control of its display contents. Since remote screen sharing systems are also increasingly prevalent, we propose a cross-platform middleware infrastructure which supports remote monitoring and control functionalities based on remote streaming for networked intelligent devices such as smart phone, computer and smart watch, etc. and home appliances such as smart refrigerator, smart air-conditioner and smart TV, etc. We aim to connect all these devices with display screens, so as to make possible remote monitoring and controlling a certain device by whichever one (usually the nearest one) of display screens among the network. The system is a distributed network consisting of multiple modular nodes of server and client, and is compatible to prevalent operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Unix-like/Linux and Android, etc.

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