Consensus Statement- Prehospital Care of Exertional Heat Stroke

Luke N. Belval, Douglas J. Casa, William M. Adams, George T. Chiampas, Jolie C. Holschen, Yuri Hosokawa, John Jardine, Shawn F. Kane, Michele Labotz, Renée S. Lemieux, Kyle B. McClaine, Nathaniel S. Nye, Francis G. O'Connor, Bryan Prine, Neha P. Raukar, Michael S. Smith, Rebecca L. Stearns

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Exertional heat stroke (EHS) is one of the most common causes of sudden death in athletes. It also represents a unique medical challenge to the prehospital healthcare provider due to the time sensitive nature of treatment. In cases of EHS, when cooling is delayed, there is a significant increase in organ damage, morbidity, and mortality after 30 minutes, faster than the average EMS transport and ED evaluation window. The purpose of this document is to present a paradigm for prehospital healthcare systems to minimize the risk of morbidity and mortality for EHS patients. With proper planning, EHS can be managed successfully by the prehospital healthcare provider.

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