Convergence and approximation of inertial manifolds for evolution equations

Kazuo Kobayashi, Reza Aftabizadeh

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This paper discusses the existence and the convergence of inertial manifolds for approximations to semi-linear evolution equations in Banach spaces. Our approximation considered here is closely related to Chernoff’s product formulas. It is shown that the approximation possesses an inertial manifold and this manifold converges to the inertial manifold for the evolution equation. A "parabolic" version of Chernoff’s lemma is established and used to prove the convergence theorems. As an application the schemes of "Crank-Nicholson type" are considered. Finally, the existence of inertial manifolds for the evolution equation is discussed under the condition that the approximations possess inertial manifolds.

ジャーナルDifferential and Integral Equations
出版物ステータスPublished - 1995

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