Coordination of economy and quality in power system generation control

R. Tanabe*, K. Yasuda, R. Yokoyama, K. Okada




    In the present paper, a novel and efficient algorithm has been proposed for automatic generation control (AGC) by coordination of economic dispatching control (EDC) and load frequency control (LFC). In conventional studies, the objective of EDC is to track the average value of load demand at the minimum cost, and the objective of LFC is mainly treated separately in maintaining the frequency within a reasonable frequency deviation level. However, ordinary methods have not sufficiently met the objectives at such as the 'morning load pickup'. In the present paper, the dynamic economic dispatching control for determining the reference output of each generator in each time period is described first, next, in the event small variations should arise in the assumed load, the load frequency control for maintaining the demand-supply balance and for holding the frequency at the prescribed level is discussed. The effectiveness and validity of the proposed coordination algorithm are demonstrated by numerical examples over a model system. Furthermore, problems to be solved for implementation in real time systems are also summarized.

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    出版ステータスPublished - 1991

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