Cross-border higher education in the Australia-Japan relationship

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Over the last three decades there has been a significant increase in higher education student mobility between Australia and Japan and a proliferation of formal exchange agreements between institutions. Yet education issues have not been prominent in the official bilateral relationship and initiatives of substance have been limited. The growing scale of student mobility, despite this, is testimony to the broader strength of the bilateral relationship, a well developed Australia-bound private education services industry, and complementarities between the two education sectors. There is considerable scope for further initiatives, both at the intergovernmental and educational institution levels, to capitalise on established bilateral patterns of individual student mobility. Australia-Japan higher education linkages remain incommensurate with the scale, complexity and importance of the broader economic and political partnership. Australia and Japan, as leading study abroad destinations in the region and with internationally mobile populations, can do more to enhance the public and private institutional architecture of cross-border education, both within and beyond the Asia-Pacific region.

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