Crystallographic Characterization of AgGaTe2, AgAlTe2, and Ag(Ga,Al)Te2 Grown by Closed-Space Sublimation

Aya Uruno*, Ayaka Usui, Tomohiro Inoue, Yuji Takeda, Masakazu Kobayashi


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AgGaTe2, AgAlTe2, and Ag(Ga,Al)Te2 layers were grown by the closed-space sublimation method on c-plane sapphire substrates. The crystallographic properties of the AgGaTe2 and AgAlTe2 layers were then analyzed by x-ray diffraction (XRD). Very strong 112 diffraction peaks were observed in the XRD spectra of both layers, and it was clear the (112) orientation was predominant in both layers. The orientation and domain structure of the AgAlTe2 layer were carefully analyzed by XRD pole-figure measurement, and the effect of substrate surface atomic arrangement on the crystallinity of the AgAlTe2 layer was investigated. On the basis of the pole-figure image, six types of {112} domain were confirmed in the layer, and [$$ \bar{1} $$1¯ 10] in one domain was regarded as aligned with the sapphire’s a-axis when the layer was formed on the c-plane sapphire substrate surface. In addition to crystallographic characterization, the optical properties of the Ag(Ga,Al)Te2 layer were evaluated on the basis of transmittance measurements. The optical bandgap, derived from the transmittance spectrum, was approximately 2.0 eV. This value was between the bandgap values of AgGaTe2 and AgAlTe2. These results showed that an alloy of AgGaTe2 and AgAlTe2 had been grown successfully.

ジャーナルJournal of Electronic Materials
出版ステータスPublished - 2015 9月 26

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