Delay analysis and improvement of the device discovery protocol in bluetooth

G. Chakraborty*, K. Naik, D. Chakraborty, N. Shiratori, D. Wei


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    Device discovery is a fundamental step in the operation of a Bluetooth network. In this process, one device obtains the 48-bit address and native clock values of another device. These values are subsequently used in the paging process, i.e. establishing a connection, between the two devices. While a device is in the process of discovering other devices, there is a random delay. We theoretically analyze the delay and verify its correctness by using simulation studies. Our analysis reveals that sometimes the delay can be very large-much larger than the average delay. We propose two ways to reduce this extreme delay and the average delay. These proposals can be easily incorporated in the standard.

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    出版ステータスPublished - 2004

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