Deposition of thin nanoporous silica layers on solid surfaces

Makoto Ogawa, Naoki Shimura, André Ayral

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A new and versatile method to prepare nanoporous silica thin layers on a solid substrate was investigated. The deposition of the nanoporous silica layers was conducted using C16TAC, deionized water, methanol, and a 27% aqueous ammonia solution. The nanoporous silica layer with the thickness of about 70 nm and with disordered mesostructure formed on a silicon wafer. The mesoporous silica coating was regarded as a way to impart new functions such as molecular sieving on catalysts and adsorbents. The method is a versatile way to prepare mesoporous silica layers on a flat substrate and to coat particles due to the very simple procedure, mild reaction conditions, and reproducible results.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2006 4 4

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