Design and creation of speech and text corpora of dialogue

Satoru Hayamizu*, Shuichi Itahashi, Tetsunori Kobayashi, Toshiyuki Takezawa


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This paper describes issues on dialogue corpora for speech and natural language research. Speech and text corpora of dialogue have recently become more important for the development and the evaluation of speech and text-based dialogue systems. However, the design and the construction of dialogue corpora themselves still remain research issues and many problems have not yet been clarified. Many kinds of corpus are necessary to study various aspects of dialogues. On the other hand, each corpus should contain a certain quantity for each purpose in order to make it statistically meaningful. This paper presents the issues related with design and creation of dialogue corpora; the selection of a task domain, transcription conventions, situations for the collection, syntactic and semantic ill-formedness, and politeness. Future directions for dialogue corpora creation are also discussed.

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