Design of a low-order sensorless controller by robust H∞ control for boost converters

Xutao Li*, Minjie Chen, Hirofumi Shinohara, Tsutomu Yoshihara


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Luenberger observer (LO)-based sensorless multi-loop control of a converter requires an iterative trial-and-error design process, considering that many parameters should be determined, and loop gains are indirectly related to the closed-loop characteristics. Robust H∞ control adopts a compact sensorless controller. The algebraic Riccati equation (ARE)-based and linear matrix inequality (LMI)-based H∞ approaches need an exhaustive procedure, particularly for a low-order controller. Therefore, in this study, a novel robust H∞ synthesis approach is proposed to design a low-order sensorless controller for boost converters, which need not solve any ARE or LMI, and to parameterize the controller by an adjustable parameter behaving like a “knob” on the closed-loop characteristics. Simulation results show the straightforward closed-loop characteristics evaluation and better dynamic performance by the proposed H∞ approach, compared with the LO-based sensorless multi-loop control. Practical experiments on a digital processor confirmed the simulation results.

ジャーナルJournal of Power Electronics
出版ステータスPublished - 2016 5月

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