Development of a new 3-DOF parallel manipulator for minimally invasive surgery

Alaa Khalifa*, Mohamed Fanni, Abdelfatah M. Mohamed, Tomoyuki Miyashita


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This article proposes a novel dexterous endoscopic parallel manipulator for minimally invasive surgery. The proposed manipulator has 3 degrees of freedom (3-DOF), which consist of two rotational DOFs and one translational DOF (2R1T DOFs). The manipulator consists of 3 limbs exhibiting identical kinematic structure. Each limb contains an active prismatic joint followed by 2 consecutive passive universal joints. The proposed manipulator has a unique arrangement of its joints' axes. This unique arrangement permits large bending angles, ±90° in any direction, and a workspace almost free from interior singularities. These advantages allow the proposed manipulator to outperforms existing surgical manipulators. However, this unique arrangement makes the analysis of the robot extremely difficult. Therefore, a geometrical/analytical approach is used to facilitate its singularity analysis. Construction of the virtual prototype is accomplished using ADAMS software to validate the proposed manipulator and its bending capability. A closed-form solution for inverse kinematics is obtained analytically. Also, the forward kinematics solution is obtained numerically. Moreover, evaluation of the workspace is achieved using motion/force transmissibility indices. A practical experiment has been performed using a scaling technique and PID controller. The experimental results show the feasibility of the teleoperated surgical system using the proposed parallel manipulator as the slave.

ジャーナルInternational Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery
出版ステータスPublished - 2018 6月

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