Development of an equation for predicting body surface area based on three-dimensional photonic image scanning

Kayo Shitara, Yohei Takai, Megumi Ohta, Taku Wakahara, Hiroaki Kanehisa, Tetsuo Fukunaga, Yasuo Kawakami

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This study was conducted to examine the reliability of three-dimensional photonic image scanning (3DPS) for measuring body surface area (BSA), and formulate equations for predicting BSA based on 3DPS. The surface area (SA) of a cylinder with known SA and BSA of 7 males were repeatedly measured by 3DPS. BSA was determined by 3DPS for 122 subjects (25~76 yrs). BSA prediction equations for both genders were developed for the validation group (16 males and 45 females) using body height and mass as independent variables, and were cross-validated for the cross-validation group (16 males and 45 females). The standard error of measurement was 2.2cm2 (0.16%). The coefficients of variation (CV) for repeated measurements of SA were less than 0.2%. The BSA of subjects did not differ significantly on any given day nor between days, with a CV of less than 1%. The coefficient of determination and standard error of estimation of the prediction equations were 0.98 and 183cm2 (1.1%), respectively, for males and 0.98 and 204cm2 (1.3%), respectively, for females. There was no significant difference between the predicted and measured values. In the cross-validation group, there was no significant difference between the predicted and measured values without systematic errors. These findings indicate that 3DPS is reliable for measuring BSA, and the formulated equations are valid and applicable to individuals within a wide age-range.

ジャーナルjapanese journal of physical fitness and sports medicine
出版物ステータスPublished - 2009 8


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