Development of Re-based diffusion barrier coatings on nickel based superalloys

T. Narita*, K. Z. Thosin, L. Fengqun, S. Hayashi, H. Murakami, B. Gleeson, D. Young


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A diffusion barrier type coating with a duplex layer structure, an inner σ-(Re, W, Cr, Ni) as a diffusion barrier and outer Ni-aluminide as an Al reservoir, was formed on a Nickel based, single crystal, superalloy (TMS-82 +) and on Hastelloy X. Oxidation properties of both the alloys with or without the diffusion barrier coating were investigated in air under thermal cycling between room temperature and 1423 K for up to 360 ks. The inner σ layer with a composition (at%) of (35-40) Re, (15-20) W, (15-25) Cr and (15-25) Ni was produced by electrodeposition of Ni-70Re and NJ-20W films from aqueous solutions followed by Cr-pack cementation at temperatures between 1473 and 1573 K, and the outer Ni-aluminides of β-(Ni,Cr)Al + γ′-(Ni,Cr) 3Al was formed by electrodeposition of a Ni film, followed by Al pack cementation. After the 360 ks oxidation it was found that the structure and composition of both σ layer and alloy substrate were retained with little change. Furthermore, there was little Al in the σ layer. It could be concluded that the Re-based alloys such as σ (Re(W),Cr,Ni) are very promising candidates as a diffusion barrier between the outer Al-reservoir layer and alloy substrate at temperature of 1423 K. It was found that the Re(W)-Cr-Ni acts as a diffusion barrier for both inward diffusion of Al and outward diffusion of alloying elements in the alloy substrate.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2005 12月

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