Development of technical module of erosion-corrosion in boiler water for carbon steel

Kei Ito*, Jun'ichi Sakai, Shigemitsu Kihara


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    RBM (Risk Based Maintenance) that is a promising technique for the maintenance of aged industrial plants. The risk here is defined as likelihood by multiplication of consequence. Likelihood is decided by means of a technical module of each damage mechanism. In each technical module, there are some damage sensitivity prediction models for several environments. Technical module is needed to determine likelihood of failure, but currently, available technical module to evaluate likelihood is limited mainly for refinery and petrochemical plants. This study is targeting to construct exhaustive technical modules. As the first step, the technical module of erosion-corrosion that is strongly required from many industries is developed. In this paper, a new corrosion rate prediction model of erosion-corrosion is proposed based on published data and the modification is done using originally collected actual plant data. Finally, it is demonstrated that the new model is adequate to predict remaining life of the plant that is damaged by erosion corrosion.

    ジャーナルTetsu-To-Hagane/Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
    出版ステータスPublished - 2010

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