Dynamical modeling of deep water type cylindrical tuned liquid damper with a submerged net

Shigehiko Kaneko*, Yasuo Mizota


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An analytical model for describing the effictiveness of a deep water type cylindrical Tuned Liquid Damper (ILD) with a sub. merged net for suppressing horizontal vibration of structures is first proposed. In this study, we peformed calculations to estimate the efectiveness of a deep water type cylindrical (LI) based on a proposed dynamical model and compared with experimental results obtained by shaking table experiments and free oscilations tests in partocular, the effect of hydraulic resistance produced by a sub merged net and the liquid depth ratio whichmeans ratio of the liquid depth to the diameter of the cylinderical tank are examined intensively in the analysis, employing finite amplitude wave theory and Galerkin method in the case of cylindrical tank. we obtained hydrodynamik forces and the free surface elevations Then, combinning the hydrodynamic forces with the equation of motion of the structure, danped transient responses were calculated. The calculated results thus obtained were compared with the open mental results, by whichthe validity of the modelling methodology was confirmed.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1996 12月 1

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