Eaching material structure analysis applying fuzzy graph

Kenichi Nagashima*, Takenobu Takizawa


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The inexact event such as the cognition would properly be analyzed using fuzzy graph rather than using crisp graph. In this paper, we present an analysis method of the teaching material structure by applying fuzzy graph. At first, we make teaching material structure graph and teach m a them, a tics. After the lessons, we give quizzes and collect test scores. We get similarity structure matrix (graph), partition tree, connectivity matrix (graph) and approximate graph by analyzing the test score. We get cognition graph by combining partition tree and approximate graph. By comparing teaching material graph with cognition graph, vie verify/improve teaching material structure graph. We also illustrate its practical effectiveness with the case study concerning the quiz of "permutation" and "combination" to high school students.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2012 3月 1

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