Effect of lamination structures on impact properties of Al18B4O33w/ Al and aluminum laminate composites

Sang Pill Lee*, Makoto Yoshida, Gen Sasaki, Hideharu Fukunaga


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MMC/Al laminate composites with two types of the laminate Structures, where various numbers of Al18B4O33w/ AC4CH composite layers and A1050 sheets are sandwitched, have been successfully fabricated by alternatively stacking composite layers and aluminum sheets and hot pressing. Impact properties have been evaluated as a function of laminate structures and the loading directions. The lamination yielded a remarkable improvement in the abserved impact energy compared to that of the monolithic MMC In the case of edge wise loading, the laminate composite sandwitched by aluminum sheets had a higher impact energy than that sandwithed by MMC layers. There was further an anisotropy in the property, thai is, impact values for the flat wise loading under a constant volume fraction of aluminum sheet dramatically increased with the increase in numbers of aluminum sheets, while impact values for the edge wise loading remained nearly constant.

ジャーナルKeikinzoku/Journal of Japan Institute of Light Metals
出版ステータスPublished - 1998 5

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