Effect of oxygen compounds addition on the htdrocracking of alkylphenols

Y. Sato*, Y. Kodera, T. Kamo, S. Kushiyama


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To produce and purify useful compounds in tar from coking and from low temperature pyrolysis of coal, hydrocracking of alkylphenol mixture is very important reaction. In this study, the effect of oxygen compounds such as dimethylcarbonate(DMC) addition on the hydrocracking of alkylphenols was investigated to decrease hydrogen loss by the production of water. Hydrocracking of three dimethylphenols(DMP) was carried out using atmospheric flow apparatus with quarts reactor at 700°C, residence time of 3-10 sec and hydrogen to reactant mole ratio of about 10. From the hydrocracking of 3,5-DMP without DMC, m-xylene and m-cresol were produced with the production ratio of 1:1.8. However the dehydroxylation to produce m-xylene was decreased by the addition of 10% DMC with the production ratio of 1:2.7. Similar reaction behavior was observed in the hydrocracking of 2,5-DMP. These are considered due to the strong interaction between DMC and hydroxyl group. Relationship between reaction behavior and molecular structure would be also discussed.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1998

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