Effects of hot pack treatment on serum cortisol and lactate in students preparing for the national license examination

Hanachiyo Nagata, Yushi Ito, Junzo Watada, Masahiro Nakano, Hideo Hatta, Akira Honda, Ayaka Hamamoto, Masasuke Takefu, Takao Shindo, Fusako Fujii, Toshiko Fujii, Chiaki Hukumoto, Kiyoko Satoyama, Naokazu Iwamoto, Kumiko Satou, Yukimitu Satou, Norio Akaike

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    We measured the stiffness of trapezius, skin blood flow, level of serum cortisol and lactate and before and after the treatment with hot pack of 32 senior college students, who had sent stressful days for 11 months starting from April, preparing for the national license examination. These students usually had complaints of stiffness of shoulder and/or lumber. After heating the hot pack to about 40◦C by electric oven, we wrapped it with dry towel, and then covered cervix, shoulder and lumbar of the students for 30 minutes. Although the skin blood flow of the shoulder was enhanced after the hot pack treatment, the treatment did not significantly improve the mean value of the stiffness of the trapezius of students with complaints (control: 64.00±4.23 to 62.35±4.46 after the treatment). We also found that hot pack treatment of the students significantly reduces the level of serum cortisol from 9.71± 4.48 to 7.03± 3.68μg/dl, without affecting that of lactate. These results indicate that hot pack treatment is effective to improve the psychological conditions of the students. This study analyzes the effects of hot pack treatment for students preparing for the national license examination for medical technologist. For other people with similar examination experience, is the research result applicable. The significance of the study is suggested to be expanded.

    ジャーナルICIC Express Letters, Part B: Applications
    出版ステータスPublished - 2015 1月 1

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