Error-protection technique for twinVQ audio-coding method

Kazunaga Ikeda, Takehiro Moriya, Naoki Iwakami, Takao Kaneko

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TwinVQ is a low-bit-rate audio-coding method that achieves high quality at less than 64 kbit/s without using compression techniques, which are sensitive to bit-errors or packet-loss. So this method is expected to be a basic algorithm for high-quality audio codecs which will be used for real-time transmission over PHS or Internet. This paper describes the error protection technique for TwinVQ that achieves high-quality under bit-error conditions. This technique has two main parts. One is efficient error-correction and error-detection weighted by bit-error-sensitivity, and the other is TwinVQ decoding with error control. Subjective tests showed that the TwinVQ with the proposed error-protection technique achieves high quality over mobile communication channels such as the PHS system.

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