Estimation and control of the attitude of a dynamic mobile robot using internal sensors

Osamu Matsumoto, Shuuji Kajita, Kazuo Tani

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For the control of a dynamic mobile robot, the attitude in gravity space is an important state of the robot. Usually, the attitude is difficult to detect by simply using the signals from sensors. For example, an external sensor contacting the ground suffers disturbances from the roughness of the ground; the integration of a gyroscope signal has the problem of drift; an inclination sensor does not indicate the direction of gravity when acceleration exists. To solve these problems, we propose a control method in which the attitude of a mobile robot is estimated by an observer considering the robot dynamics and using only the information obtained by internal sensors. We applied this method to a wheeled inverted pendulum as an example of a dynamic mobile robot. The estimation of the attitude was made with good accuracy using the signals from the rate gyroscope and the motor encoder, and the control of stable running of the pendulum on a flat level plane worked successfully. We also realized the running control of a pendulum on an unknown rough road using the estimation of the slope gradient made by the observer. Thus, the effectiveness of the proposed method was demonstrated experimentally.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1992 1月 1

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