Experimental disproof of a manga character construction model

Tetsuya Matsui*, Yukio Pegio Gunji


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In prior works, the impression of elements of virtual agents/manga character and the overall impression of virtual agents/manga character were considered completely symmetric. In this work, we conducted a preliminary experiment to develop a system that creates designs of virtual agents depending on a text. In this experiment, the participants read the text and chose the image of an agent and social group that resembled their mental image. We introduced the lattice derived by the rough set induction method to suggest the model to analyze the mental image. In this model, we constructed the lattice from two interpretations to evaluate the complexity of the mental image generation process. As a result, the lattices derived by social groups and appearance were non-Boolean; however, those derived by two kinds of design features were not non-Boolean. This result shows that the mental appearance and social images cannot be combined voluntarily. This result showed that it is not symmetric between each element of virtual agents/manga character and overall virtual agents/manga character.

出版ステータスPublished - 2021 5月

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