Experimental verification of power-limiting brake: Energy-saving train operation assistance

Shoichiro Watanabe, Zhe Yang, Takafumi Koseki, Keiichiro Kondo, Takeshi Mizuma, Yasuhiro Hamazaki

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This paper presents a manual train operation assistance method for limiting braking power to avoid regeneration cancellation and to save train operation energy. This assistance system consists of on-board computers and interface devices. The braking assistance command is generated from a "dictionary" prepared to increase regenerated energy without any extension of train running time. In order to consider the power limitation and resolve assistance operation problems in terms of the operation delay time, this method was evaluated on a revenue service line. This paper proposes a "best effort method" for energy-saving train operation that does not use the conditions of other trains since train drivers cannot obtain information on the actual status of other trains in present railway systems. On-track tests showed that the power-limiting brake was effective on energy-saving for a train operation. The practical problem of the man machine interface for driver assistance was also intensively studied.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2014

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