Fabrication of grain-aligned bulks and thick films of misfit layered cobalt oxides by a magneto-scientific process

S. Horii, T. Okamoto, T. Kumagai, T. Uchikoshi, T. S. Suzuki, Y. Sakka, J. Shimoyama, K. Kishio

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We report the preparation of grain-aligned [Ca2CoO 3-δ]0.62CoO2 (Ca349) thick films and the conversion of the easy axis of magnetization from the a-axis to the c-axis. The thick films were fabricated by a simultaneous usage of electrophoretic deposition and magnetic alignment methods (MEPD) at high deposition rate with the order of 10 μm/min. Moreover, a multi-layered thick film of Al 2O3/Ca349/Al2O3/Ca 0.9La0.1MnO3/ Al2O3 was also fabricated by the MEPD method by the optimization of condition of each suspension. The conversion of the easy axis was performed crystallochemically for a [Bi2Sr2O4]0.55CoO 2(BiSr222) compound with the easy axis parallel to the a-axis in order to fabricate c-axis grain-oriented bulks by the magnetic alignment method. The substitution of Ca for Sr in the [(Bi0.5Pb0.5)Sr 2O4] block layer induced the change of the easy axis into the c-axis direction, and the magnetic anisotropy was increased by the partial substitution of rare earth elements of Pr, Nd, Tb and Dy for Ca. Using a compound of [(Bi0.5Pb0.5)2Ca 0.8Pr0.2)2O4]0.55CoO 2, we have successfully prepared the c-axis grain-aligned bulk by the magneto-scientific method. Our present results indicate that the magneto-scientific method is one of the practical processes for production of thermoelectric modules.

ホスト出版物のタイトルMaterials Research Society Symposium Proceedings
出版物ステータスPublished - 2006 5 8
イベント2005 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting - Boston, MA, United States
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名前Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings


Conference2005 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting
United States
Boston, MA


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Horii, S., Okamoto, T., Kumagai, T., Uchikoshi, T., Suzuki, T. S., Sakka, Y., Shimoyama, J., & Kishio, K. (2006). Fabrication of grain-aligned bulks and thick films of misfit layered cobalt oxides by a magneto-scientific process. : Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings (pp. 433-438). (Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings; 巻数 886).