Factors of oppression and spaciousness of townscape considering the differnce of the type of the street

Jun Munakata, Nozomu Yosizawa, Takaya Kojima, Hiroaki Toyohara, Norimitsu Ishii, Wataru Katsumata, Kotaroh Hirate

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This research has focused on the factors and the relationship between oppression and spaciousness of townscape, considering the difference of the type of the street. Staffs of construction division of local government evaluated 134 townscape located in several cities in Japan, as well as reported factors of townscape regarding oppression and/or spaciousness by the Caption evaluation method. As a result, in residential area, stronger dissatisfaction would be shown than in commercial area even if the rated degree of oppression is the same. Secondarily, distribution of factors relating oppression and spaciousness differ among the type of street, which can be concluded to reflect the difference of the amount of several element of the street. Finally, our findings show that some circumstance allow coexistence of oppression and spaciousness in the same street, which suggests the possibility of the method to compensate or mitigate oppression of townscape by increasing spaciousness.

ジャーナルJournal of Environmental Engineering
出版ステータスPublished - 2008 5

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