Fast-Start Video Delivery in Future Internet Architectures with Intra-domain Caching

Zhi Liu, Mianxiong Dong*, Bo Gu, Cheng Zhang, Yusheng Ji, Yoshiaki Tanaka


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Current TCP/IP based network is suffering from the tremendous usage of IP. Recently, content centric network (CCN) is proposed as an alternative of the future network architecture. In CCN, data itself, which is authenticated and secured, is a name and can be directly requested at the network level instead of using IP and DNS. Moreover, routers in CCN have caching abilities. Then end users can obtain the data from routers instead of remote server if the content has been stored in the routers, thus the overall network performance could be improved by reducing the transmission hops. Orthogonally, video plays a more and more important role nowadays and dominates the network traffic. Response time of each video request greatly affects the quality of user experience (QoE), users may even abandon the requested video service if they have to wait for long time before the video playback. Hence how to provide fast-start video delivery in CCN is critical. In this paper, we target to provide users fast-start video delivery in CCN. Specifically, we design a new caching policy for popularity-aware video caching in topology-aware CCN. And we propose to encode the video using scalable video coding (SVC) for fast-start video delivery and cache each video layer separately following the designed caching policies. Given an assigned weight by users, the tradeoff between the waiting time and received video quality is studied. Simulations are conducted to verify the performances and the results show that the proposed scheme outperforms state-of-the-art schemes significantly in typical scenarios.

ジャーナルMobile Networks and Applications
出版ステータスPublished - 2017 2月 1

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