Flow-Induced Vibrations: Classifications and Lessons from Practical Experiences: Second Edition

Shigehiko Kaneko*, Tomomichi Nakamura, Fumio Inada, Minoru Kato, Kunihiko Ishihara, Takashi Nishihara, Njuki W. Mureithi, Mikael A. Langthje


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In many plants, vibration and noise problems occur due to fluid flow, which can greatly disrupt smooth plant operations. These flow-related phenomena are called flow-induced vibration. This book explains how and why such vibrations happen and provides hints and tips on how to avoid them in future plant design. The world-leading author team doesn't assume prior knowledge of mathematical methods and provides the reader with information on the basics of modeling. The book includes several practical examples and thorough explanations of the structure, the evaluation method and the mechanisms to aid understanding of flow-induced vibrations. Helps ensure smooth plant operations Explains the structure, evaluation method and mechanisms Shows how to avoid vibrations in future plant design.

出版社Elsevier Ltd
出版ステータスPublished - 2013 12

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