Generalized high-accuracy universal polarimeter (G-HAUP) and its application

Toru Asahi, Masahito Tanaka

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The generalized high-accuracy universal polarimeter (G-HAUP) is the optical apparatus to enable us to make simultaneous measurements of linear birefringence (LB), linear dichroism (LD), circular birefringence (CB), and circular dichroism (CD) for solid materials. The G-HAUP has been applied to observe anisotropic and chiroptical properties of an intercalated dye (cationic azobenzene derivative) compound into K4Nb6O17 crystals. Kramers-Kronig relationships between the observed CB and CD spectra as well as in the case of LB and ID indicate that LB, LD, CB, CD spectra are successfully obtained by the G-HAUP method. The strong LD and CD peaks have originate respectively from the preferred orientation and induced chirality of the dyes that are intercalated into K4Nb6O17 crystal.

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