HDTV-PC for media convergence

Takashi Kan, Hironobu Abe, Toyoshi Makino, Heikan Izumi, Norio Shiratori

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    An high definition television-PC (HDTV-PC) was delevoped for media convergence services by digital broadcasting and broadband communication. It was found that with rich viewing of HD video and synchronized interactive data services, a HDTV-PC solution was more efficient than each of the digital DTV and broadband PC. It was proved that more useful service was possible by combining the rich viewing by HD video and abundant information from the Internet.

    ジャーナルUnknown Journal
    出版物ステータスPublished - 2002


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    • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
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    Kan, T., Abe, H., Makino, T., Izumi, H., & Shiratori, N. (2002). HDTV-PC for media convergence. Unknown Journal, 24-25.