High performance diamond MISFETs using CaF2 gate insulator

S. Miyamoto*, H. Matsudaira, H. Ishizaka, K. Nakazawa, H. Taniuchi, H. Umezawa, M. Tachiki, H. Kawarada


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A cut-off frequency of 15 GHz and a maximum frequency of oscillation of 20 GHz are realized in a 0.4-μm gate diamond metal-insulator-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MISFET). The cut-off frequency is the highest value for diamond FETs ever reported. The RF characteristics of the MISFETs are higher than those of metal-semiconductor FETs at the same gate lengths. The CaF2 gate insulator improves the carrier mobility according to the Hall measurement system. The mobility increases in the surface conductive layer result in high RF performance. The source-gate passivation of CaF2 results in the high DC transconductance because of the reduction of series resistances. A cut-off frequency of more than 30 GHz is expected with the gate minimization and the CaF2 passivation of source-gate and gate-drain spacings.

ジャーナルDiamond and Related Materials
出版ステータスPublished - 2003

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