High-throughput single-cell manipulation system for a large number of target cells

Takahiro Arakawa*, Masao Noguchi, Keiko Sumitomo, Yoshinori Yamaguchi, Shuichi Shoji


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A sequential and high-throughput single-cell manipulation system for a large volume of cells was developed and the successive manipulation for single cell involving single-cell isolation, individual labeling, and individual rupture was realized in a microhydrodynamic flow channel fabricated by using two-dimensional simple flow channels. This microfluidic system consisted of the successive single-cell handlings of single-cell isolation from a large number of cells in cell suspension, labeling each isolated single cell and the lysate extraction from each labeled single cell. This microfluidic system was composed of main channels, cell-trapping pockets, drain channels, and single-cell content collection channels which were fabricated by polydimethylsiloxane. We demonstrated two kinds of prototypes for sequential single-cell manipulations, one was equipped with 16 single-cell isolation pockets in microchannel and the other was constructed of 512 single-cell isolation pockets. In this study, we demonstrated high-throughput and high-volume single-cell isolation with 512 pocket type device. The total number of isolated single cells in each isolation pocket from the cell suspension at a time was 426 for the cell line of African green monkey kidney, COS-1, and 360 for the rat primary brown preadipocytes, BAT. All isolated cells were stained with fluorescence dye injected into the same microchannel successfully. In addition, the extraction and collection of the cell contents was demonstrated using isolated stained COS-1 cells. The cell contents extracted from each captured cell were individually collected within each collection channel by local hydrodynamic flow. The sequential trapping, labeling, and content extraction with 512 pocket type devices realized high-throughput single-cell manipulations for innovative single-cell handling, feasible staining, and accurate cell rupture.

出版ステータスPublished - 2011 3月 23

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