Identification and expression analysis of rainbow trout pumilio-1 and pumilio-2

Ikuo Kurisaki, Toshiharu Iwai, Masakane Yamashita, Miwako Kobayashi, Etsuro Ito, Ichiro Matsuoka

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Pumilio is a sequence-specific RNA-binding protein that regulates translation from the relevant mRNA. The PUF-domain, the RNA-binding motif of Pumilio, is highly conserved across species. In the present study, we have identified two pumilio genes (pumilio-1 and pumilio-2) in rainbow trout and analyzed their expression patterns in its tissues. Pumilio-1 mRNA and pumilio-2A mRNA code for typical full length Pumilio proteins that contain a PUF-domain, whereas pumilio-2B mRNA is a splice variant of pumilio-2 and encodes a protein that lacks the PUF-domain. We have also identified a novel 72-bp exon that has not been reported in other animal species but is conserved in fish species. The insertion of this novel exon leads to the expression of an isoform of the Pumilio-2 protein with a slightly altered conformation of the PUF-domain. Pumilio-1 mRNA and pumilio-2A mRNA (irrespective of the presence of the 72-bp exon) are expressed in both the brain and ovaries at high levels, whereas pumilio-2B mRNA is expressed at low levels in all the rainbow trout tissues examined. Western blot analysis also indicates that the full length Pumilio proteins are expressed predominantly in the brain and ovaries. These data suggest that the Pumilio proteins have physiological roles and are involved in regulatory mechanisms in rainbow trout.

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