Ignition and combustion control of diesel HCCI

Daisuke Kawano, Hisakazu Suzuki, Hajime Ishii, Yuichi Goto, Matsuo Odaka, Yutaka Murata, Jin Kusaka, Yasuhiro Daisho

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Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) is effective for the simultaneous reduction of soot and NOx emissions in diesel engine. In general, high octane number fuels (gasoline components or gaseous fuels) are used for HCCI operation, because these fuels briefly form lean homogeneous mixture because of long ignition delay and high volatility. However, it is necessary to improve injection systems, when these high octane number fuels are used in diesel engine. In addition, the difficulty of controlling auto-ignition timing must be resolved. On the other hand, HCCI using diesel fuel (diesel HCCI) also needs ignition control, because diesel fuel which has a low octane number causes the early ignition before TDC. The purpose of this study is the ignition and combustion control of diesel HCCI. The effects of parameters (injection timing, injection pressure, internal/external EGR, boost pressure, and variable valve timing (VVT)) on the ignition timing of diesel HCCI were investigated. Then, exhaust emissions were simultaneously measured at each operating condition. As a result, the combinations of these strategies made it possible to cause the ignition near TDC at each operating condition. In addition, low smoke and NOx emissions were realized without a drastic increase in THC and CO emission. These results show the possibility of diesel HCCI operation at wide load ranges.

ジャーナルSAE Technical Papers
出版物ステータスPublished - 2005 1 1
イベント2005 SAE Brasil Fuels and Lubricants Meeting, SFL 2005 - Rio de Janiero, Brazil
継続期間: 2005 5 112005 5 11

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    Kawano, D., Suzuki, H., Ishii, H., Goto, Y., Odaka, M., Murata, Y., Kusaka, J., & Daisho, Y. (2005). Ignition and combustion control of diesel HCCI. SAE Technical Papers. https://doi.org/10.4271/2005-01-2132