In situ x-ray monitoring of metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy

Tomonobu Tsuchiya, Tsuyoshi Taniwatari, Kazuhisa Uomi, Toshihiro Kawano, Yuuichi Ono

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We demonstrate the in situ X-ray monitoring of metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy by using a four-crystal monochromator. The in situ X-ray measurement of InGaAs with a thickness of 0.3 fxm on an InP substrate was achieved even under growth conditions at 620°C. Moreover, this monitoring technique is not affected by the atmosphere of the reactant source gasses. Also, the X-ray peak of the InGaAs at 300°C, is clearly separated from the InP peak in spite of the small lattice mismatch (— 0.09%) without aligning the wafer. The dependence of lattice mismatch on temperature measured by this X-ray monitoring technique agrees with the dependence calculated theoretically. This technique can also be used to measure the thickness dependence of lattice mismatch and temperature dependence of in-plane compressive strain for InP on GaAs heteroepitaxy.

ジャーナルJapanese journal of applied physics
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出版ステータスPublished - 1993 10

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