In Vivo Gold Complex Catalysis within Live Mice

Kazuki Tsubokura, Kenward K.H. Vong, Ambara R. Pradipta, Akihiro Ogura, Sayaka Urano, Tsuyoshi Tahara, Satoshi Nozaki, Hirotaka Onoe, Yoichi Nakao, Regina Sibgatullina, Almira Kurbangalieva, Yasuyoshi Watanabe, Katsunori Tanaka

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Metal complex catalysis within biological systems is largely limited to cell and bacterial systems. In this work, a glycoalbumin–AuIII complex was designed and developed that enables organ-specific, localized propargyl ester amidation with nearby proteins within live mice. The targeted reactivity can be imaged through the use of Cy7.5- and TAMRA-linked propargyl ester based fluorescent probes. This targeting system could enable the exploitation of other metal catalysis strategies for biomedical and clinical applications.

ジャーナルAngewandte Chemie - International Edition
出版物ステータスPublished - 2017

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    Tsubokura, K., Vong, K. K. H., Pradipta, A. R., Ogura, A., Urano, S., Tahara, T., Nozaki, S., Onoe, H., Nakao, Y., Sibgatullina, R., Kurbangalieva, A., Watanabe, Y., & Tanaka, K. (2017). In Vivo Gold Complex Catalysis within Live Mice. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 56(13), 3579-3584.