Intelligent insulin pens: A promising technology toward smart diabetic management systems

Mohammed Kalkattawi, Tatsuo Nakajima

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Ever since their introduction, insulin pens have been playing a critical role within the Multiple Daily Injections. Insulin pens were originally a solution created to offer a couple of enhancements in injection. They were appreciated for their simplicity and accuracy. Recently, intelligent insulin pen technology has been introduced to offer a new direction toward enhancing the management of Multiple Daily Injections therapy. In general, technologies have always been playing a major role in the enhancement of insulin delivery; it has been more notable within the pumps therapy practices. For Multiple Daily Injections in particular, the use of technology was relatively limited, but with the introduction of intelligent insulin pens, there is an expectation that the Multiple Daily Injections therapy would elevate into a higher level of standards. Because the technology is still barely known among the groups of diabetic patients, the paper first presents a couple of assessment studies to evaluate the necessity of the intelligent insulin pen technology among diabetic patients. Based on the outcomes, patients and practitioners saw great potentials within this technology. Nevertheless, the study concluded that the intelligent insulin pens technology itself would be essential for certain groups among the diabetic patients, but for the general use, this technology could be a good alternative to the regular insulin pens. The intelligent insulin pens technology still needs to implement more functions that can serve the general diabetic patients. One feasible suggestion to achieve this goal is to extend this technology through the utilization of smart devices and ubiquitous technology. In the second stage, in order to examine the possibility of the previous point, a series of pilot studies was conducted to oversee their influence on the regular management. Based on the assessment study outcomes, a smart reminder system was proposed to test the influence on medication adherence and daily routines. The system utilizes the technology of smart devices and intelligent insulin pens. The final outcomes showed that the system could be a good support to the regular routines, and it had the potential to promote a better compliance toward the insulin medication.

ジャーナルInternational Journal on Advances in Life Sciences
出版ステータスPublished - 2015

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