Interactive aged-face simulation with freehand wrinkle drawing

Ai Mizokawa, Akinobu Maejima, Shigeo Morishima

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Recently, many studies on facial aging synthesis have been reported for the purpose of security applications such as criminal investigation, kidnappings, and entertainment applications such as movies or video games. However, the representation of wrinkles, which is one of the most important elements when reflecting age characteristics, remains difficult. Additionally, the influence of lighting conditions and every individual's skin color is significant, and it is difficult to infer the location and shape of future wrinkles because they depend on factors such as one's living environment, eating habits, and DNA. Therefore, we must consider several possibilities for the locations of wrinkles. In this paper, we propose a facial aging synthesis method that can create plausible aged facial images, and is able to represent wrinkles at any desired location by drawing artificial freehand wrinkles while retaining photorealistic quality.

出版ステータスPublished - 2013 1月 1
イベント2013 2nd IAPR Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition, ACPR 2013 - Naha, Okinawa, Japan
継続期間: 2013 11月 52013 11月 8


Conference2013 2nd IAPR Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition, ACPR 2013
CityNaha, Okinawa

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