Islas en el mar: Participación y descentralización en “sistemas integrados” en educación

D. Brent Edwards, Mauricio Erazo, Pauline Martin

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This essay offers, from a systemic perspective, findings on the functioning of a recent education decentralization strategy in El Salvador, called Integrated Systems of Full-time Inclusive Schools (IS-FTIS, or SI-EITP; from Spanish, sistema integrado de escuela inclusiva de tiempo pleno), with the objective of understanding how it functions in practice and the experience of communities immersed in its dynamics. Through a compilation of documents related to its design and implementation, the analysis reveals that IS-FTIS (SI-EITP) did not work as expected, due to a lack of conceptual cohesion, as well as an inadequate legal framework, and insufficient resources to achieve local participation and empowerment.

寄稿の翻訳タイトルIslands in the sea: Participation and descentralization in ‘integrated systems’ in education
ジャーナルEducacao e Sociedade
出版ステータスPublished - 2021

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