Large kinetic power in FRII radio jets

Hirotaka Ito, Motoki Kino, Nozomu Kawakatu, Naoki Isobe, Shoichi Yamada

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We investigate the total kinetic powers (L j) and ages (t age) of powerful jets of four FR II radio sources (Cygnus A, 3C 223, 3C 284, and 3C 219) by the detail comparison of the dynamical model of expanding cocoons with observed ones. It is found that these sources have quite large kinetic powers with the ratio of L j to the Eddington luminosity (L Edd) resides in 0.02<L j/L Edd<10. Reflecting the large kinetic powers, we also find that the total energy stored in the cocoon (E c) exceed the energy derived from the minimum energy condition (E min∈): 2<E c/E min∈<160. This implies that a large amount of kinetic power is carried by invisible components such as thermal leptons (electron and positron) and/or protons.

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