Learning styles

Ian Isemonger, Chris Sheppard

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Following a literature review on the area of learning styles, and cross-cul tural perceptual learning styles in particular, this article reports the results for a survey of perceptual learning styles of Korean students (n=710). The study is a replication of two earlier studies in the area, and results are com prehensively analyzed in terms of the previous findings of these studies. Preferences for different perceptual learning styles as well as the preference for individual and group learning are examined in terms of a range of vari ables, including age, gender, year of study, major field, time spent overseas, and attendance at private language institutes. Findings, while supporting some of the previous research in the area, also contradict some of the pre vious results. Some criticisms are made concerning the manner in which results from previous studies have been compared with each other. Areas for future research are also discussed.

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