Libraries, tools, and interactive systems for verified computations four case studies

R. Baker Kearfott*, Markus Neher, Shin'ichi Oishi, Fabien Rico


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As interval analysis-based reliable computations find wider application, more software is becoming available. Simultaneously, the applications for which this software is designed are becoming more diverse. Because of this, the software itself takes diverse forms, ranging from libraries for application development to fully interactive systems. The target applications range from fairly general to specialized. Here, we describe the design of four freely available software systems providing validated computations. Oishi provides Slab, a complete, high-performance system for validated linear algebra whose user interface mimics both Matlab's M-files and a large subset of Matlab's commandline functions. In contrast, CADNA (Fabien Rico) is a C++ library designed to give developers of embedded systems access to validated numeric computations. Addressing global constrained optimization and validated solution of nonlinear algebraic systems, Kearfott's GlobSol focuses on providing the most practical such system possible without specifying non-general problem structure; Kearfott's system has a Fortran-90 interface. Finally, Neher provides a mathematically sound stand-alone package ACETAF with an intuitive graphical user interface for computing complex Taylor coefficients and their bounds, radii of convergence, etc. Overviews of each package's capabilities, use, and instructions for obtaining and installing appear.

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