Life-cycle analyses of very-large scale PV systems using six types of PV modules

Masakazu Ito, Keiichi Komoto, Kosuke Kurokawa

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The authors have been studied the life-cycle analysis of the VLS-PV systems installed in desert area using sc-Si, mc-Si, a-Si/sc-Si, a-Si/μc-Si, CdTe, and CIS PV modules. The sc-Si and a-Si/sc-Si, a-Si/μc-Si are new items from the last studies [1]. It is assumed 1 GW system in Gobi desert including transmission lines. We estimated energy requirement, energy pay-back time, CO2 emissions, and CO2 emissions rate. Concerning the energy requirement, the CIS is the smallest, and biggest energy requirement is the sc-Si. The mc-Si, a-Si/sc-Si, thin-film Si and CdTe are average. The energy pay-back time of the CIS's VLS-PV system is approximately 1.8 years, and sc-Si is 2.5 years. The others are approximately 2.0-2.3 years. Characteristics of the CO2 emissions rate are almost same as energy pay-back time. The CO2 emissions rate is 43-54 g-CO2/kW h. The mc-Si, a-Si/sc-Si, and CIS shows lower CO2 emissions rate.

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