Loosely-Consistency Management Technology in Distributed Database Systems for Assurance

Carlos Perez Leguizamo*, Dake Wang, Kinji Mori


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To meet the highly competitive and dynamic needs in the market, an e-Business company needs to flexibly integrate its heterogeneous database systems together, e.g., the integration of makers and retailers in a Supply Chain Management System (SCM). The customers demand one-click response and also their access requirements change too frequently. Moreover, different retailers and makers in a SCM, being the autonomous entities, have their own specific requirements for stock-cost and opportunity-loss, depending on their local situation that is also changing with time. Under this background, the integrated DBs of the SCM are required to provide real-time response, heterogeneity satisfaction and flexibility to adapt to changing requirements. The conventional approach of strict consistency leads to low response and less flexibility due to the strong interdependence of the systems. In this paper, Autonomous Decentralized Database System has been proposed as an application-oriented database technology based on the concept of autonomy and loose-consistency among the distributed DB systems thus providing real-time, flexibility and high availability. The autonomy in the system has been achieved by defining a data attribute, Allowable Volume, within which each component DB has autonomy to update the data in real-time. Moreover, the system adapts to the dynamically changing heterogeneous access requirements at each DB by managing the distribution of AV among different DBs through an active coordination mechanism. Due to the dynamic and unpredictable environment, the component DBs are provided with complete autonomy for their local and coordination decisions, thus diminishing the interdependency and improving the response time. As the system consists of loosely-connected subsystems, it also has high availability. Therefore, the proposed system provides highly decentralized architecture with flexibility and high availability. The performance of the system has been shown significantly effective by simulating the internet based SCM system, from the communication-cost and response time point of view.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2003 10

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