Low temperature ignition of methane partial oxidation over Ni/LaAlO 3 catalyst

Daiki Mukai, Toshinari Eda, Keisuke Tanaka, Eiichi Kikuchi, Yasushi Sekine*


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Low temperature partial oxidation of methane to produce syngas was investigated over Ni catalysts supported on various perovskite oxides. Pre-reduced Ni catalyst supported on LaAlO3 perovskite showed high catalytic activity at 673 K, the lowest temperature reported to date. Ni particles on LaAlO3 perovskite showed weaker interaction between metal and support, and were reduced at lower temperature than on other Ni catalysts. Partial oxidation proceeded via methane combustion and steam reforming, and the reduced Ni particles were active sites for both of these reactions. Additional impregnation of Pd enabled catalysis of the reaction without pre-reduction. The functions of Ni particles, LaAlO3 perovskite, and supported Pd were investigated by various methods, and found that Pd promoted the oxidation of methane, and catalytic partial oxidation proceeded over reduced Ni.

ジャーナルJournal of The Japan Petroleum Institute
出版ステータスPublished - 2013

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