Mechanics of direct bonding: Splitting forces

Y. Zimin*, T. Ueda, K. Tatsumi


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The bonding strength between dissimilar materials depends heavily on internal stresses, which arise due to the differences in the thermal expansion coefficients of the materials. While the existing models describe the splitting forces near the edges of the structure, those in the main part of the structure remote from the edges, where the stresses are uniformly distributed along the interface, have not been calculated yet. This study attempts to fill this knowledge gap in the mechanics of bonded structures. Herein, we propose a model that allows the calculation of the splitting forces in the basic part of the bonded bilayer where the internal stresses along interface are uniformly distributed. The calculations reveal three possible distributions of the splitting forces in the bonded structure, i.e., the splitting forces could be either located at the center or the periphery—which also includes the edges of the structure, or could be completely absent regardless of the total magnitude of the residual stresses. The results obtained could be used in bonding technology as an immediate guide to increasing the bonding strength between dissimilar materials.

ジャーナルSensors and Actuators, A: Physical
出版ステータスPublished - 2020 3月 1

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