Method to combine chaos and neural network based on the fixed point theory

D. Zhou*, K. Yasuda, R. Yokoyama


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    The dynamics of either associative or hierarchical neural network can boil down to the discovery of fixed point or contraction to the already established fixed point in a discrete dynamical system, and strict mathematical calculations have already proven this point. In other words, the dynamics of all types of neural network can be analyzed and explained by using the fixed point theory in the traditional discrete dynamical system. What is equally important is that the explanation and classification of chaos can also be expressed in terms of its relationship with fixed points. This has provided an important link between chaos and neural network in the traditional discrete dynamical system, namely, the fixed point theory. Based on this idea, this paper proposes a method to combine chaos with neural network using the fixed point theory. With a view to practical application, the paper provides several examples on improving pattern recognition ability by adding chaotic noise in learning machines as well as on improving the ability of optimal solution in the large by creating a new Chaotic Hopfield Neural Network. The approach proposed by this paper is proved user friendly and universally applicable through lab experiments of pattern recognition and solution of the Traveling Salesman Problem on a set of 100 cities.

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