Model-Based Control System for Air Path and Premixed Combustion of Diesel Engine

Motoki Takahashi, Yudai Yamasaki, Shigehiko Kaneko, Jun Koizumi, Tomofumi Hayashi, Mitsuo Hirata

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Premixed charge compression ignition (PCCI) combustion has a potential to achieve the low emission level while the thermal efficiency remains high. It requires more precise combustion control due to the low robustness of the premixed combustion. In this study, a model-based control system for both air path system and combustion is developed for realizing the ideal PCCI combustion in future. For the air path system control, a feedback (FB) controller based on H control theory is used. In this controller, the nonlinearity of the plant is considered as the perturbation and robustness is ensured by H control. For the combustion control, a feedforward (FF) controller is designed as an inverse model of a discretized combustion model. In this controller, the inverse model is updated cycle by cycle on-board to consider the variation of combustion characteristics depending on operation condition. The performance of the overall control system including both controllers is evaluated by the reference following test under the transient mode operation in both the simulation and the experiment for PCCI-like combustion with advanced fuel injection timing. The control system showed good tracking performance both in air path and combustion systems and the availability of the model-based control system is shown.

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