Multilevel analysis for agent-based service composition

Arif Bramantoro, Ahlem Ben Hassine, Shigeo Matsubara, Toru Ishida

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Agent-based Web service composition has become one of the most challenging research issues. Many composition techniques and formalizations have been proposed, but they are neither mature nor flexible. They assume that each sub-task is an atomic process, hence it cannot be decomposed based on user requirements. Moreover, those techniques and formalizations are not suitable for dynamic environments such as the language service domain. Language service requires a flexible formalization to accommodate the user’s language skills in conjunction with QoS. The key contributions of this paper are (i) a complete formalization that ideally reflects the nature of real applications and permits extension of the original abstract workflow (in case of failure); (ii) a novel agent-based protocol able to find satisfying solutions for this problem in real time to allow restriction and/or relaxation within the original workflow; (iii) a hybrid architecture of service oriented computing and multi-agent systems for implementing Abstract Web service, Information analysis, and User agents. Experiments are presented to find solutions that can be executed within a feasible time and space.

ジャーナルJournal of Web Engineering
出版ステータスPublished - 2015 3 1

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